Winter Wonderland in Ontario, Canada

Happy new year everyone! I just wanted to make a quick post about how dam cold its been for the last 2 weeks. We have been at -35c for quite some time With windchill. Now we just got more snow (almost a foot). I told everyone that this was going to be a bad winter, everyone said no. With all the arctic air blowing in, I’m glad today is only -1c.

CamoFPV Presents CamoCraft Minecraft Server Network + Giveaway !

Hey everyone, Im starting up a minecraft network. Right now until christmas im giving away 1 2GB minecraft server. All you need to do is comment, vote and diamond on planet minecraft. Winner will be drawn on christmas day!

Were looking for admins and DEV. 8 servers are a handful to work with! Also its still in beta so please let me know on discord if you have any issues.



CamoCraft Network BETA ~~~~~~~~~FREE SERVER~~~~~~~ (NEED OPS AND TESTERS!) [Survival][Creative][KitPVP][Spleef][Skywars][COMZ][TNT Run][4 walls][Mob Arena][
View CamoCraft Network BETA ~~~~~~~~~FREE SERVER~~~~~~~ (NEED OPS AND TESTERS!) [Survival][Creative][KitPVP][Spleef][Skywars][COMZ][TNT Run][4 walls][Mob Arena][

CrazyPony 210R – Church Hill Park Fly

CrazyPony 210R – Park fly, I’m back

I’m back!

Hey everyone. After some time of stopping making videos, I’ve decided to start the channel back up. Going to do some filming in some amazing places around Ontario. Will be unboxing new parts, quadcopter and more. My flsun delta printer is broken, but will fix it soon. So stay tuned for what’s going to happen next

Seasons Greetings Everyone!

Have a wonderful holidays!

Rogers Canada: Do they Throttle Home Internet Speed?

Rogers Canada, 250 U internet vs 100 GB / Day Uploads

I thought I’d just share my most recent Rogers internet experience.   I’ve been running IP cameras for quite some time and figured why not make it remote. This is quite an easy task using ZoneMinder and a Server somewhere in the world or desktop/laptop at home. Only thing else you will require is a IP camera. But bandwidth is an issue. I measured 9.6 Mbits/s transfer between 2 cameras at very high quality. I have 250 Mbits/s DOWN and 25 Mbits/s UP. Should work fine right? Well it did for a few days, I actually contacted Rogers support to find out whether on an unlimited plan I would get Throttled or not and if I’d receive a charge if i went over say 1 TB of usage for a month. According to them, they phased out throttling and unlimited is truly unlimited.

So do they throttle?

As you can see in the graph, it would seem that they do indeed throttle. For at least 2 days. I had one day go from 87,000 Mbits to 18,000 Mbits and back up to about 70,000 Mbits. The frame rate went from 30 fps no problem to 1.5-3 fps. Now this could also happen because I’m what they call “a End of the line customer” Meaning I’m the furthest from the Rogers box on my line. Despite that sounding terrible, I actually pull in about 350 Mbits / second down and the stock 25 Mbits / s up. So that should not be an issue at all, if at most for a few hours it should have dropped and came back up. I also have been getting calls saying my modem might be hacked / could be.



In conclusion, I believe I did get throttled at least for a couple of days. Even tho the support reps at Rogers did say they ended mass throttling back in the early days of ’08. There is still a lot of reports say they still do throttle services such as Netflix.