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Rogers Canada: Do they Throttle Home Internet Speed?

Rogers Canada, 250 U internet vs 100 GB / Day Uploads

I thought I’d just share my most recent Rogers internet experience.   I’ve been running IP cameras for quite some time and figured why not make it remote. This is quite an easy task using ZoneMinder and a Server somewhere in the world or desktop/laptop at home. Only thing else you will require is a IP camera. But bandwidth is an issue. I measured 9.6 Mbits/s transfer between 2 cameras at very high quality. I have 250 Mbits/s DOWN and 25 Mbits/s UP. Should work fine right? Well it did for a few days, I actually contacted Rogers support to find out whether on an unlimited plan I would get Throttled or not and if I’d receive a charge if i went over say 1 TB of usage for a month. According to them, they phased out throttling and unlimited is truly unlimited.

So do they throttle?

As you can see in the graph, it would seem that they do indeed throttle. For at least 2 days. I had one day go from 87,000 Mbits to 18,000 Mbits and back up to about 70,000 Mbits. The frame rate went from 30 fps no problem to 1.5-3 fps. Now this could also happen because I’m what they call “a End of the line customer” Meaning I’m the furthest from the Rogers box on my line. Despite that sounding terrible, I actually pull in about 350 Mbits / second down and the stock 25 Mbits / s up. So that should not be an issue at all, if at most for a few hours it should have dropped and came back up. I also have been getting calls saying my modem might be hacked / could be.



In conclusion, I believe I did get throttled at least for a couple of days. Even tho the support reps at Rogers did say they ended mass throttling back in the early days of ’08. There is still a lot of reports say they still do throttle services such as Netflix.

How To: Use Speed Test on a Linux Command line.

Today, I will be showing you how to check your internet speed via command line interface like ssh. It uses the Speed Test servers that is well known around the world.


  1. First thing you will have to do, download the file. We do this by typing in this command:


That will download the required file ( to your server/vps.

2. Give that file permissions to execute on the server :

chmod +x

        3. Run the script.


Retrieving configuration…

Testing from KW Datacentre (…

Retrieving server list…

Selecting best server based on ping…

Hosted by Tri City WiFi Corp. (kitchener, ON) [4.61 km]: 5.205 ms

Testing download speed……………………………………………………………………..

Download: 344.63 Mbit/s

Testing upload speed……………………………………………………………………………………….

Upload: 43.95 Mbit/s

This will give you the ping, download and upload rate of that server in question.

There is more you can do with this script. You can list all the options by running it with the –help option enabled.

usage: [-h] [–bytes] [–share] [–simple] [–csv]

                    [–csv-delimiter CSV_DELIMITER] [–csv-header] [–json]

                    [–list] [–server SERVER] [–mini MINI] [–source SOURCE]

                    [–timeout TIMEOUT] [–secure] [–version]

Command line interface for testing internet bandwidth using


optional arguments:

  -h, –help            show this help message and exit

  –bytes               Display values in bytes instead of bits. Does not

                        affect the image generated by –share, nor output from

                        –json or –csv

  –share               Generate and provide a URL to the share

                        results image

  –simple              Suppress verbose output, only show basic information

  –csv                 Suppress verbose output, only show basic information

                        in CSV format. Speeds listed in bit/s and not affected

                        by –bytes

  –csv-delimiter CSV_DELIMITER

                        Single character delimiter to use in CSV output.

                        Default “,”

  –csv-header          Print CSV headers

  –json                Suppress verbose output, only show basic information

                        in JSON format. Speeds listed in bit/s and not

                        affected by –bytes

  –list                Display a list of servers sorted by


  –server SERVER       Specify a server ID to test against

  –mini MINI           URL of the Speedtest Mini server

  –source SOURCE       Source IP address to bind to

  –timeout TIMEOUT     HTTP timeout in seconds. Default 10

  –secure              Use HTTPS instead of HTTP when communicating with

               operated servers

  –version             Show the version number and exit

A Guide To Video Transmitter Antennas

Today I’m going to be taking a look at different types of antennas. There is a few that I didn’t add in here. Because their very uncommon. The antennas I’m showing here are 5.8 ghz antennas.



Dipole Antenna aka Rubber Duckie

The most common antenna, they come with most VTX and/or goggles. Because there cheap and very omni directional. They have very little to no gain, they work amazing for fixed wireless transfer but aren’t very good for RC video links. The problem with these is there polarized, if the antenna points sideways it doesn’t pick up very much of the signal. Causing a lot of interference in the system and less range. It’s common for these antennas to be not cut correctly. That can cause the VTX to heat up a lot quicker then with a properly tuned VTX.


  • Cheap


  • Performance
  • Range



Clover Leaf/Skew Planer Antenna

The circular polarized antenna, a very popular and great overall antenna. The signal comes out as a cork screw path so it penetrates trees, buildings and everything a bit better than the rest. When using a pair of these, the clover leaf goes on the TX and the skew planer goes on the RX. I personally use this on my daily setup. Provides a very good signal. and is light wight.


  • Good Range
  • Multipathing resistance
  • Omni Directional


  • Cost
  • Fragile
  • Bigger

FOXTEER “Unbreakable”  –

AOMWAY “Mushroom” –



Helical Antenna

I have not used this antenna yet. But from what I’ve heard about it is amazing. The number of turns dictates how narrow the beam is. This is a RX antenna, for long-range and better penetration.


  • Penetration
  • Long range


  • Higher cost
  • Directional beam


Patch Antenna

The patch antenna is like the helical. It is very directional, has good range and somewhat a wider beam. You can fly behind it a bit, but you risk dropping out on your signal. Due to the focused beam out front for the antenna. I fly this on my RX for all my uses.


  • Good Range
  • Penetration
  • Cost


  • May not fit on goggles without an extender.
  • Size
  • Directional

Menace Invader Antenna 5.8Ghz Polarised Receiver Patch –

Connectors (SMA – RPSMA)

There are 2 main connectors for these antennas. SMA or RP-SMA. They are not interchangeable without a use of a adapter.

Drones get on girlfriends nerves.


I dont know about you guys, but my girlfriend hates quads! So this post is funny as hell.. Ahhahah

How to: Adding DVR to Quantum Cyclops Goggles


In this post I will show you how to install a DVR in your Quantum Cyclops goggles. This will enable you to record everything you see without having a GoPro on the craft itself.

You will need the following items:

#1 – Tear Down


You will have to take apart the Quantum Cyclops in order to install the mod. This is quite easy as its only 4 screws and it pulls apart.


#2 – Locate 5V, GRD and Video wires


All the wires you will need, will be located on the main connector on the receiver. the pin out is:

  1. 5v
  2. GRD
  3. n/a
  4. VIDEO

Take the leads and tin them for soldering. Once you are done that solder on the 5v (red) GRD (Black) and video in (yellow) wires to the plug. Once finished make sure they are a good connection, then apply some hot glue to hold it in place.

#3 – Run the cables



Now you run the wires to the DVR. I just used the stock wires and ran it out the side of the case. Where the head strap connects to the goggles.  You can customize this to put the DVR anywhere on the goggles, with longer wires.


#4 – Power on & Test it out


If all goes well, you will get a steady red light. To start to record, pop in you sd card. Then press and hold the “K1” button and the red light will start to blink. Check out the footage and you should be good to go!

Happy flying!

9 Key LiPo Battery Safety & Care That You Should Know

Simple post talking about the safety and care of our beloved LiPo batteries.

LiPo Battery safety & care

  1. DON’T store puffed LiPo batteries. While LiPos can take a lot of abuse, a puffed cell is very unstable and might cause a malfunction. The best thing to do is remove and dispose of the cell/battery at your local waste facility.                                                                                             26139796413_57cf210512
  2. DON’T store LiPos fully charged. It may damage the battery over time. The best thing to do is store them with a 3.8 v / cell charge.f52009b20478068fd1f706b9ad3065f06d0e8f01
  3. Break in all new batteries. Always with all new LiPos cycle them 3 or more times before use. Example: Charge at .5 amp, discharge at .5 amp, Charge at 1 amp, discharge at 1 amp and so on. This way it gets rid of the packing chemical that manufacturers use to make LiPos less violent when shipped.
  4. Buy a good LiPo bag or fireproof container. While this step is optional, you should always use a good fireproof container or bag while charging outside. While LiPo fires are rare they still happen. Better safe then sorry.                                                                          x-tech-large-lipo-battery-safe-guard-bag-523-500x500
  5. DON’T over discharge the LiPo. Over discharge ( >3.0 v/cell) will cause permanent damage. Making it prone to puff. I like to keep mine above 3.3 v/cell.
  6. DON’T charge a battery that is warm from use. This may cause less charge/discharge cycles for that said battery. Let cool from use and start the charge.
  7. DON’T over charge a LiPo battery, over 4.2 v / cell can and will cause a fire.                                                                                   hqdefault
  8. DON’T use a cheap charger or one that doesn’t have a balance plug. Using a charger that doesn’t balance the cell may cause over charge on said cells. This can cause a LiPo fire.
  9. LiPo batteries don’t work well in cold weather. While they still function there capacity shortens and may cause your rc aircraft to fall out of the sky without warning.


Don’t forget to fly hard, thats what LiPos are all about 🙂

CrazyPony 210R – HORIZON MODE #2

Doing some sick flips and tricks in my back yard with my CrazyPony 210R. Wish i went to the park. Semi nice day out.
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How to: TX Range Mod (FlySky i6s)

Today I will be showing you a step by step tutorial on how to get a lot more range for $20 ish dollars.

Part One: Get a radio and parts

I will be doing this on a cheap ($ 80) Flysky i6s radio but this setup is common on most radios.

This is the parts you will need:

3 dB antenna –
5 dB antenna –
2x RP-SMA Female To U.FL IPX –
14 dB antenna –
14 dB antenna –

You only really need 2 antennas or one depending on your setup but I like diversity 🙂

Part Two: Disassemble

On the i6s, pull off the rubber panels and you will find 4 screws. Un do the screws and  crack the case apart. Start by removing the stock dual antenna and plug in your RP-SMA Female To U.FL IPX adapters.


With antenna



Part Four: Drill and secure the RP-Sma connectors.

You will need a 14mm drill bit and some glue. Once you have drilled you’re holes you secure the antennas with the given nuts and glue the inside down.


Part Five: Just add antennas.

For the last part you must add antennas and power on. As long as everything it alright it should be running as normal. Go test her out!



Now you have successfully modded your radio you should be able to get far better range. Never turn TX on without antennas and don’t point the antenna directly at the bird. Happy flying!

CrazyPony 210r -Burn all the Lipos

On the last warm day of november i went out to rip a pack. This is also on the new Brain RE1 F4 flight controller. Needs a lot of PID tune but flys great otherwise!
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